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Clearwater Stucco services all of Clearwater, Florida and surrounding areas, including Tampa, St. Petersburg, and Palm Harbor.

We provide several stucco contracting services.  We specialize in residential siding stucco and commercial stucco applications for both big and small jobs.  If you have cracked, chipped, water damaged, or just about any other stucco issues, we can take of it.  Give us a call and let us give you a free stucco quote.

We also do stucco waterproofing, a process of ensuring the underlyng substrate doesn’t get damage should your stucco fail or get damaged.  Waterproofing has become popular in recent years and we have you covered.

We work with General Contractors as well, in new construction, remodelling, and repair for stucco projects. 




Stucco Water Damage Repair

Stucco water damage is probably the most common damage we deal with.  And it’s the most important thing to get fixed quickly!  It can be a danger to both your health and the homes structurall integrity.  Let us give a free assessment.

Stucco Fire Damage Repair

If you need stucco fire damage repair, we have seen it all, and fixed it all.  Give us a chance to get your home or business looking great after any stucco fire damage.  We provide free quotes on all our work. More on Stucco and EIFS.

Stucco Pressure Washing

Just need a thorough cleaning?  Our stucco pressure washing and cleaning service has brought life back to many happy customers.  Stucco that looks prematurely old can diminish your home value.  Let us give you a free quote.

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