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We can repair all kinds of Stucco Damage, from fire to water damage, we got you covered.  Call us: (727) 201-2851

EIFS too

Stucco, EIFS, and plaster are our specialties.

Let us help you on your next Stucco repair projects.  We’re experts at helping people repair stucco cracks, chips, foam damage, and even water damaged stucco.  We’ll provide you with a quick, easy to understand quote, and then get to work and knock your job out with minimal disruption to your life.

Clearwater Stucco feels that stucco repair is more of an ART than anything.  It takes years of working with stucco to understand that wet and dry stucco is going to look different.  That temperature plays a role in how stucco sets, and that even humidity could effect the overall look of your newly repaired stucco.

Properly installed Stucco can easily provide 100 years of beauty… or more.  If you see cracks or buckling, its a sign that the Stucco is water damaged and needs repair.  Unfortunately, your Stucco installer didn’t do the job right, or you have a water intrusion point.

Let us come out and take a look, it costs you nothing for a free stucco repair quote from Clearwater Stucco.  We can point out what might be the problem and if you don’t use our service, we’ll give you enough information about your stucco issues so you don’t get swindle by the “other guys”.  


Watch this 5 minute video from our friends at Paint Life TV show you how to DIY Stucco Repair small patches. 
Video Covers:

  • Stucco Cleaning 
  • Stucco Color Matching
  • Stucco Application
  • Stucco Painting

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